- Saleable Research ‘Automatic Mushroom Cultivation Cabinet’


- Saleable Research ‘Automatic Mushroom Cultivation Cabinet’ by  Mr. Pitak Sathiwantana, lecturer.
          While continuously researching the mushroom cultivation process to control growing rate and reduce diseases, Mr. Pitak Sathiwantana, a lecturer of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, has recently come up with an effective innovation to cultivate them. Research on mushroom cultivation was formally started by using big baked-clay jars according to locals’ way of life based on sufficiency economy theory. However, cultivating mushrooms in a big baked-clay jar has some limitations; the high frequency of watering (3-4 times a day) and the limited amount of mushroom bags (only 20-40 bags). From visiting “Bankuansamet Village sufficiency Economy Model, M. 10, Prik sub-district, Sadao district, Songkhla province”, Mr. Pitak found that mushroom cultivation is supported as a main local career. He, therefore, started to create an automatic mushroom cultivation cabinet used for replacing big baked-clay jars with the purpose of reducing those limitations. The cabinet is designed as a small mushroom house which can contain 140 mushroom bags and it can be arrayed in a U-shape. The cabinet consists of a removable frame, openable roof covered with more than 10 millimeters of plastic insulation. An automatic control box for watering is also installed with a sensor of measure temperature and humidity. The mushroom cabinet wall is made of plastic engineering which can protect the mushrooms from heat and moisture. This plastic is removable and easy to install. Therefore, it is convenient to move the mushrooms without wasting time to store as the traditional way.  This cabinet also helps prevent black and green fungi which are the mushrooms’ enemy. The system, moreover, can control the temperature and watering inside the cabinet. In other words, this is automatic watering, cooling, saving energy, and reducing water usage. It also provides suitable temperature inside the cabinet (between 27-32 Celsius). The fact is that if the temperature is higher than the aforementioned numbers, the mushrooms cannot grow properly. For these reasons, the automatic mushroom cultivation cabinet was invented to solve these problems.
The automatic mushroom cultivation cabinet has recently won the first prize of 200,000 baht and honor plaque in the event “Thai Tech EXPO 2017” held by the Ministry of Science and Technology together with Bualuang Foundation. Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, the Minister of Science and Technology, was given the honor to present the prizes to the winner at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre on September, 20 2017. According to this success, Assit. Prof. Yongyuth Noonim, acting as the president of Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, offered 5 cabinets to Air Chief Marshal Dr. Prajin Juntong, the deputy prime minister, in the 2nd Research Market and Innovation “Saleable Research” held between 23-24 September, 2017 at Thailand Creative and Design Center, Bangrak, Bangkok. The cabinets were then delivered to Mr.Thanakorn Ungjitpaisan, Nongbualamphu governor, to create an income for household and community.  Delivering the automatic mushroom cultivation cabinets was a collaboration between Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya and the National Research Council of Thailand in order to utilize the successful research results for practical use. This research can help support locals’ career and strengthen the community in accordance with ‘Thailand 4.0’ government policy.
          A cultivator or interested persons, who wish to buy the automatic mushroom cultivation cabinet, can directly ask for more information fromMr. Pitak Sathiwantana, lecturer of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya. Tel. 074-317162-3