Public Relations Division's Vision and Missions

Public Relations Division’s Vision, Missions, Goals

       Vision: RMUTSV Public Relations Division focuses on the development, creating mass media, and accessing to all groups.


               1. To accurately and continuously promote the university's information to both interested person and staff by using modern mass media.

               2. To cooperate and support each division subjected to RMUTSV in terms of public relations to successfully access the target group.

              3. To strengthen and develop the university’s public relations as well as to build sustainable mass media network in order to effectively promote RMUTSV to the eyes of outsiders.

 The goals have been set as follow:                                                                                                                               

1. To be the professional division operating publish relations of the university.

2. To be the central division combining information from all divisions in the university.

3. To be the central division to advertise university’s information for both university’s staff and outsiders.

4. To cooperate with mass media or journalist.

5. To produce modern media for promoting the university.

6. To be the medium division to cooperate and operate RMUTSV radio station  with all campuses.

7. To cooperate and built understanding as well as establish a great attitude towards the university from both insiders and outsiders.